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Our Founder

Brenda Holdsworth
President and Chief Wedding Officer

brendaholdsworth"The idea of Wedding Saviours came from a soft spot in my heart that has been nurtured, and developed over time.  It is only by travelling life's ups and downs that some of our best characteristics can truly begin to evolve.  At times, my personal journey has seemed like a hike through the Grand Canyon; but it has honestly made me who I am today.  Without these struggles, Wedding Saviours would never have come to my mind and the lucky couples involved would not be afforded such generosity.  Of this achievement in life I am most proud.  I am excited to watch as Wedding Saviours continues to grow and continues to help couples and communities all across Canada.

The idea of business and charity working hand in hand is a concept I have held dear to my heart for years.  As a mother, I strive to find ways to inspire children to visualize a greater tomorrow by acting on today, and I choose to lead by example.  In the past I have founded several events which encompassed this same premise, and in the future I am hopeful to see more companies follow suit." Brenda Holdsworth


Photo by: Allan Lewis
Lan Lewis Photography


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